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Armán: The Concept

It is interesting that the idea of an ‘organic’ life is considered something fashionable and modern these days when, in fact, it is a part of our natural disposition as human beings. Our instinct draws us to nature and, in India, our cultural and religious heritage keeps us deeply rooted in the notion that everything around us is a thing to be protected and revered: a tree, an animal, a river, the sun, the moon...

Armán is an effort to resolve this unnecessary struggle between contemporary life and age-old wisdom. We believe that a simple, natural, balanced life is possible in the modern world without having to be consciously inculcated as something new or foreign. All we need to do is to stop fighting the world around us; to accept what nature offers us and reciprocate its simplicity.

## _Armán_: The Concept
## The facilities

The facilities

And so, with us

Your space will have all the comfort of modern living woven seamlessly into minimalistic design, ornamented by plants and herbs which detoxify, de-stress and keep the mosquitoes away!

Your routine will have the choice of yoga or personal training if you want it!

Your food will be a healthy mix of ingredients sourced from the best and most reliable organic stores in town!

Your bathroom essentials will be sourced from brands which are well-known for their sustainable practices and/ or Ayurvedic origins!

All of this, in the heart of South Delhi, a couple of minutes’ walk from the metro (the Chirag Delhi station of the magenta line) and the outer-ring road (a major road in the city) as also a stone’s throw away from several major markets (Defence colony, GK-1: M Block and N Block, Shahpur Jat and Hauz Khas Village).


About the hosts

Like many of our generation, we (Amar and Manini) are dreamers in suits: 30-somethings, in high-stress professions with no time at our disposal.

In our case, as with many others, the exacting demands of this lifestyle have led to a subconscious rebellion of questioning the ‘end-game’, ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’. Armán is the culmination of this rebellion: of our desire to add another meaningful dimension to our lives and do something we enjoy and care about: we love to host, to meet new people and to share experiences. In a sense, this venture is a labour of love.

We hope you enjoy it!

## About the hosts
## Artwork


Armán intends to create a space for artistic experimentation. What you see on its walls is a carefully curated collection of artwork from a variety of budding artists, who have great potential and deserve to be encouraged. If any of the art stirs something in you, do give the concerned artist a call (contacts available with the management) or share your thoughts with the management: all feedback is appreciated.


Design everything on the assumption that people are not heartless or stupid but marvelously capable, given the chance.

John Jones