1. The keys given to the guests to access the premises/ their room/ any other area which is part of Armán must be deposited / dropped off at the reception desk at the time of check out. Lost keys are chargeable.
  2. Guests are prohibited from bringing in hazardous items like gas cylinders, cooking stoves, inflammable fuels, firearms etc. onto the Armán's premises.
  3. We reserve the absolute right of admission to any person on to the Armán premises and the right to request any guest to vacate his or her room at a moment's notice without assigning any reason whatsoever. Guests shall be bound to vacate when requested to do so.
  4. Guests are requested not to move furnishings or interfere with the electrical network or any other installations in the rooms or on Armán's premises without the consent of the management. In the event of any electrical malfunction, please report it to the reception and we will repair this at the earliest.
  5. A guest may not use his / her own electrical appliance, except those used for personal hygiene and comfort. Use electric razors, hair dryers or chargers for laptops, flashlights etc. in the room is permitted.
  6. The rooftop / restaurant area and lounges (work space, 2nd floor and lounge, 3rd floor) are available for receiving visitors. Please check the availability of these facilities atleast one day in advance for any events or large gatherings (more than 5 persons) or any guests beyond permissible hours you may wish to host. Without such prior notice, the management retains the right to refuse guests at these facilities. Charges will vary depending on the number of persons and the number of hours of usage. Please enquire with the management.
  7. Rooms cannot be used by more persons than originally booked for. If an outside guest stays after 2200 IST, we will charge the original guest of the concerned room based on double occupancy for the night.
  8. Should the guest become ill or injured during his / her stay, we can assist in calling for medical assistance or, as the case may be, arrange for the guest to be taken to a hospital. These services will incur an additional charge.
  9. At the time of departure, guests are requested to turn off the lights in the room and the electricity switches for any other facilities, all water faucets, and the air-conditioner. Please keep your doors and windows closed when the air-conditioner is working.
  10. Smoking is permissible only in certain rooms which are identified as smoking rooms as well as designated areas: the balconies and the open spaces on the roof-top. In all other rooms and spaces, smoking is not permitted for the safety of the other inhabitants of Armán.
  11. Washing of clothes is not allowed in the room. We have a laundry service available for your convenience. Please call the reception for assistance.
  12. Guests are required to observe night-time peace and quiet, so as not to disturb the other guests staying at Armán.
  13. Any complaints or suggestions for improvement that the guests might have are welcome for discussion with the management.
  14. The guests are obliged to observe the provisions under the heading 'POLICIES' and 'Terms and Conditions'. In the event that a guest is in breach of these rules, Armán has the right to withdraw the accommodation at any time before or during the guests' stay on Armán's premises.
  15. The management will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any belongings of the guests on Armán's premises.
  16. In order to ensure the upkeep of the BnB and as a courtesy to our future guests, we reserve the right to charge guests for the loss or damage caused to Armán's property by them, their friends or any person for whom they are responsible. The guests will be charged for the item as per the detailed Inventory Price List available with the management. The guests can request a copy of this list.